Flat Rate Permanent Placement for Nurses.

Hire the Nurse you need in San Diego. CALL Next Nurse at 800-737-6518 and speak with a Nurse Placement Expert. For a reasonable FLAT RATE, Next Nurse will handle ALL aspects of hiring your next nurse in San Diego County.

RN - Registered Nurse = $995.00
LVN - Licensed Vocational Nurse = $595.00
LPN - Licensed Practical Nurse = $595.00
CNA - Certified Nursing Assistant = $595.00 and up
TECH - Medical Tech = $595.00
MED SURGE - Surgical Tech = $195.00

Next Nurse dedicates a great deal of time, energy and money to finding qualified nurses. Our effort is a 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, full time job for our Marketing and Recruiting departments. Today we are in a position to help health care providers in San Diego County hire nurses while saving money, time, energy, and frustration.

Next Nurse will cover all aspects of hiring your Next Nurse.

- Screening is supervised by an Registered Nurse.
- Your potential employee is interviewed at least three times.
- The initial interview occurs when we first meet your prospective employee.
- If this interview proves successful they are invited to take the appropriate unit specific exam(s). This requires a passing score of 80% or higher, we ensure high performance through reference checks and experience verification.
- We verify the individuals' recent experience to ensure at least one (1) year of experience within the last two years.
- Licensure and certification are viewed, copied and verified upon application. At time of Next Nurse hire, these items are logged into our computer employee file.
- A report is printed monthly so that impending expired data can be acted upon.
- This includes a call to the healthcare employee to alert them to expired data. We also follow up as needed with a form letter indicating pending expirations and a notice stating a transfer to inactive status if need is not updated until date of hire.
- 5% down to activate.
- Balance is due when Client is Satisfied and Nurse is hired.

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